Maldives Capital City Tour in Airport
  • Explore Male, the capital of the Maldives Islands it’s a thriving city of about 100,000 people. This charming city boasts a number of recognized landmarks.
  • Walking through the various localities is the best way to understand the culture and tradition of any city.
  • Start your walking tour from airport.
  • Enjoy a lovely introduction to the city and the Harbour area, an integral point for island economies, and pass by the oldest school in Malé
  • Visit Hukuru Miskiiy or the Old Friday Mosque and the tomb of Abu Al Barakaath who is believed to have brought about the advent of Islam in the country.
  • Sip on a refreshing cup of traditional black tea at the famous Royal Garden Café, housed in a rare example of a ‘ganduvaru’ or a nobleman’s house where you can witness a prime example of traditional, dark carved wooden interiors.
  • Stop by at the November 3rd Memorial to hear about the heroism of 8 brave military servicemen at the 1988 Maldives coup d’état.
  • Visit one of the capital’s prime attractions is Sultan Park and the National Museum. Sultan Park is a tranquil garden and the National Museum features a comprehensive selection of intriguing archaeological finding and items that belonged to Maldivian royalty.
  • Walk past the Grand Friday Mosque and the Islamic Centre, Male’s famous architectural landmarks. 
  • Head to Jumhooree Maidan – Independence Square where you can dive deeper into the symbolism of the national flag as well as spot all the major government buildings
  • Lose yourself to the incredible sights, sounds and smells – a perfect taste of the local life.
  • Chat with the local vendors, learn about native produce as well as sample some indigenous fruits or vegetables and homemade sweets for a truly mesmerising experience
  • Climb up one of the tallest buildings in the city from where you can feast your eyes on spectacular panoramas
  • Marvel at The Mulee Aage Palace. Adjacent to this edifice the visitor will see the Grand Friday Mosque, a magnificent architectural triumph featuring lovely coral engravings, inside you will find the tombs of members of royalty and national heroes.
  • Villimale and ‘Save The Beach’: The 60-minute walking tour is the perfect opportunity to gain an insider’s perspective into the local way of ‘city’ life , while learning how the local community together with the NGO ‘Save the Beach’ have been working to protect both their island and ocean environment.
  • Hedhikhaa Experience: Our final taste of Maldivian culture comes with a traditional hedhikaa experience, a ritual locals follow everyday between 3 – 5pm where they enjoy black tea paired with traditional sweet and savoury snacks, and talk about their everyday lives. 
  • End your trip with lots of memories around 05:00 PM.

These tours provide pick up and drop to the airport and a personal tour guide. There isn’t a specific duration for these tours as they vary upon the number of attractions you are seeing and the package option you choose from. Be sure to check with your tour guide for more details.

You will explore some of the Famous locations of Male’ such as:

  • Fish market
  • Rasrani Beach and Artificial Beach
  • Sultan park (garden park)
  • Stingray point
  • Sinamale’ Bridge

You will also get to see some of the historical attractions of Male’ such as:

  • Old Friday mosque
  • Grand Friday mosque
  • Old presidential palace


There is a souvenir shopping area in Male that features traditional Maldivian crafts, suited for great mementos of your trip to Maldives, so be sure to pick one up.

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